Frank William Boreham 1871-1959

Frank William Boreham 1871-1959
A photo F W Boreham took of himself in 1911

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taking a Blogging Break

I am taking a break for a while, during which time I am not proposing to put regular postings on this site.

F W Boreham was a great believer in the joy of rereading books and articles that had done him good. So, let me encourage you to trawl through the archives of this Boreham Blog. There are enough postings on this site for you to read one article a day for the next year.

Let me recommend that a useful method is to use the ‘Search this Blog’ function at the top of the page for tracking down Boreham articles on subjects of interest.

Geoff Pound

Image: ‘On the seventh day he blogged?’