Frank William Boreham 1871-1959

Frank William Boreham 1871-1959
A photo F W Boreham took of himself in 1911

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boreham Book for sale

A reader from England has Boreham's most popular autobiography for sale.

Dr Lesley Weatherhead of London's City Temple wrote to F w Boreham saying that he thought My Pilgrimage was one of the most helpful books to give to an aspiring pastor.

She writes: "I have a copy of FW Boreham 1954 6th Impression My Pilgrimage. This is a signed copy "most gratefully yours, FW Boreham" underneath his photo.In the top right hand corner on the facing page is, in different hand written"To all in memory of Jessie Down/Dunn Auntie Jessie Died Jan 20th 1964."

The sale price is US$30 plus P & P.

Do let me know if you would like to buy this book and I can link you with the present owner.

Geoff Pound