Frank William Boreham 1871-1959

Frank William Boreham 1871-1959
A photo F W Boreham took of himself in 1911

Friday, February 16, 2007

Prof Skinner on F W Boreham

Professor Craig Skinner, was an Australian who taught at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary for many years. He wrote this preface to the ‘Frank Boreham Treasury’ in which he gives good advice to those learning how to preach:

Golden Preacher
When I introduce my fellow-Australian F. W. Boreham as one of the stars students should study in the History of Preaching course here at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, they tolerate him mostly as an idiosyncratic excess of their professor's own South Pacific genesis. His move to favoritism among many other giants is very swift, however, for most of them.

Belongs to the World
Australian Baptists are naturally proud of the only preacher among them who has gained such international eminence and literary excellence. But he belongs not to Australians alone, nor to New Zealanders, nor to the British, all of whom may lay some claim to a share in his fame. He belongs to the whole world and to the whole evangelical church. Wherever thinking, feeling, and believing Christians live—there Boreham's words remain relevant. His insight, perspicacity, and erudition remain unequaled. His incisive application of the lessons of history and literature as applied to spiritual living and his dynamic relation of these to biblical truths still outshine most others.”

You and I live in a generation where Boreham is largely forgotten. This fine selection of his writings will do much now to fill such a gap.”

Boreham and Billy Graham
When Billy Graham visited England, the man he wanted above all to meet was the saintly Dr. W. E. Sangster. In Melbourne, Australia, his choice was the encouraging Dr. F. W. Boreham. After recounting memories of D. L. Moody for Mr. Graham, Boreham had both of his visitors kneel while "with face uplifted to heaven and his hands on our heads he poured out his great heart in a consecrating prayer which will follow us through the years like the sound of a great Amen."*

Skinner’s Commendation
In this volume many will relate to Frank Boreham so as to hear words and discover thoughts that will become just such an abiding benediction.

If you are a preacher you will discover sermon ideas sprouting like spring wheat from every page. If you are a reader you will savor thoughts expressed in words of such finesse that their quality stands almost unique. If you are Christ's your heart will quicken, your mind will stretch, and your tongue will move to praise Him. That says a lot for the book. It says more about the writer. It says most about the reality of his thoughts and themes.

Professor of Preaching
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Mill Valley, California

Source: Peter F Gunther, A Frank Boreham Treasury (Chicago: Moody Press, 1984), xi-xii.
*F. W. Boreham, The Last Milestone, Introduction (London: Epworth, 1961), 20.

Image: Craig Skinner often did a one man show (now with DVD, on the life of Boreham's seminary principal, C H Spurgeon. I do not know whether or not the photo is of CS dressed up as CHS (it would be a pretty good resemblance) or whether it is one of CHS. Craig died last August at the age of 75 in Atlanta.