Frank William Boreham 1871-1959

Frank William Boreham 1871-1959
A photo F W Boreham took of himself in 1911

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ruth Graham Visits Borehamland

This is a photo of Ruth Graham visiting Mosgiel in 1969. Published in the New Zealand Baptist, here is the brief report:

MRS RUTH GRAHAM (right), wife of the American evangelist, Dr Billy Graham, paid a brief visit to Mosgiel on March 8, to inspect the Baptist Church. Mrs Graham is a reader of books by the late Dr F. W. Boreham, the first Baptist pastor at Mosgiel, and she expressed the wish to visit his old church while in Dunedin.

After spending some time at the church, Mrs Graham was taken for a drive around the town. Here she is shown with a member of the church, Mrs M. McLennan (left), and Mrs
Grady Wilson, wife of Dr Graham's associate minister.

Source: New Zealand Baptist, May 1969, 11.